(1961 - Actual)
Percussionist & Special Effects


1961Village Gate and African Room with Mongo Santa Maria and Candido
1961 - 1963   Victor Brady, Calypso Steel Band
1965 - ActualVarious Hotels in USA and Puerto Rico - Waldorf Astoria, Hilton, Fountain Blue, 
                               Caesar  Palace Las Vegas, Sheraton, El Conquistador, Paradisus, Cerromar, 
                               San Juan Hotel, San Juan Marriott and others.
1967“Tropical Paradise” Review
1975Love Star
1978Tropical Latin Review
1979OTI Festival, Puerto Rico
1980Tito Puente - Latin Jazz Concert 
                                Madison Square Garden (José Feliciano,Yolandita Monge, Menudo)
1982New York Puerto Rican Parade
1987 -Actual Producer of “Arabian Fantasy Musical Review”
                                (as percussionist with Arabian instruments).
1990 -Actual“Encuentro de Los Grandes”, Puerto Rico
1994Promotón, Panamá
1995 -Actual Meinl Company as endorsement of Latin Percussion
2000 -Actual        Co-producer of “Ark 21" Miles Copeland in Puerto Rico with Sasa Productions 
2002Royal Caribbean Cruise - Radiance of the Seas
2004Paoli Awards
2008-2009     Gypsy Kings
2009Alpha Orchestra
2013       Fusion Jonda

Belly Dance Superstar Movie

Sabu and Yashira became part of the Belly Dance Superstar movie  "The American Belly Dancer”  We are known for the successful school of dance, unique teaching methods, certification program, and stunning choreography of the dance company. 

We were selected by Miles Copeland for my trajectory he made a survey of the best and renown schools of belly dance in United States he selected Suhaila Salimpour from California, Tamallyn Dallal from Miami and Yashira Yamilet from Puerto Rico.

It is a documentary about the world of Belly Dance in the United State focusing on the creation and rise of the acclaimed Belly Dance Superstars and the Desert Roses. Nura and Adaliz from Puerto Rico were two dancers of the first group of Belly Dance Superstars.

Music Productions

Sabu has co- produce with Miles Copeland for Mondo Melodia Records
Desert Roses 2      #8 "Yala Habibi" Sabu and Arabian Fantasy 
Desert Roses 3      #3 "Ajaja" Ramses
                                  #1 "Walk like an Egyptian" Hakim/Carly Hennessy
        Desert Roses 4      #2 "Zeina"  Tres Mundos
Desert Roses 5     #3  "Vamos Pal Club" Tres Mundos
Hakim “The Lion Who Roars From Egypt " and Don Omar "The King of Reaggeton" 
with the song "tigi Tigi"

Sasa Productions
is a record company of Sabu Rosado and Sal Nsser which has produce a new sound with reageton music mix with arab music call Tres Mundos.
Sabu recent production is Tres Mundos Reagueton Belly Dance New Realease May 12, 2009
Desert Roses 2      #8 "Yala Habibi" - Sabu and Arabian Fantasy
Desert Roses 3      
#3 "Ajaja" - Ramses
#1 "Walk like an Egyptian"
       Hakim & Carly Hennessy
Desert Roses 4    #2 "Zeina" 
Tres Mundos
Desert Roses 5  #3 Vamos Pal Club
Tres Mundos
Belly Bar        #6 "Tres Mundos"
Nuevo Release 
Tres Mundos May 2009

Don Omar, Yashira y Hakim durante la produccion discografica "Tigui Tigui" en Cairo Egipto